1. "I like the openness of abstraction.  It’s very important to me." - Claudia Wieser


  2. <3 … collage by Audrey Von Hawley

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  4. Redlights by Salem


  5. design and concept inspiration for the upcoming TEMPLE collection : Moroccan Archways & Thresholds, Interior / Exterior <3


  6. nearlya:



  7. (Source: hauteinnocence, via goodmemory)


  8. some shots here from last month’s visit to Joshua Tree that @emilykatz and I shot together on the fly and just for fun <3 .. the bangles are part of the next AK collection, TEMPLE- coming soon.  #easydoesit #akvintage


  9. Time, Patience, Everything by Lapalux


  10. Villa Noailles, in the southeastern French city Hyeres, was the home of Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles.. Man Ray made a film here and recalled the experience in his memoir- the house was ‘an undistinguished cubist extravaganza of reinforced concrete set atop a high hill, within the ancient walls of a Saracen fortress.’

    *note- the old party photo was taken by Man Ray of the de Noailles’ and friends at a soiree held at the villa

    credit for this post goes to: @pleasemagazine


  11. *a few Viviane Sassen favorites


  12. AK HQ <3


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  14. film stills of Sydney in the Pulse Collection <3


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