1. Hey Everyone :)

    I’m pretty excited to announce a fun little party that’s happening next Saturday!

    Friends Heather and Jonathan from OLO are hosting this soiree at their shop, Milk Milk Lemonade.  MML is beautiful and spacious- such a unique and pleasant place to visit and shop!  And, I made a huge new string painting for their space!  The party is a sort of combo AK Vintage trunk show and celebration of the installation of this art piece :)

     There will be a nice selection of AK Vintage pieces for sale.  And, the brand new AK TEMPLE Collection will be on display, available to try on and special order!

    Come by to shop, chill and cocktail with us!  It will be FUN!!

    <3, Anna


  2. ..all within five minutes out the window of the studio tonight!


  3. "I like the openness of abstraction.  It’s very important to me." - Claudia Wieser


  4. <3 … collage by Audrey Von Hawley

    (via mysticmamma.com)



  6. Redlights by Salem


  7. design and concept inspiration for the upcoming TEMPLE collection : Moroccan Archways & Thresholds, Interior / Exterior <3


  8. nearlya:



  9. (Source: hauteinnocence, via goodmemory)


  10. some shots here from last month’s visit to Joshua Tree that @emilykatz and I shot together on the fly and just for fun <3 .. the bangles are part of the next AK collection, TEMPLE- coming soon.  #easydoesit #akvintage


  11. Time, Patience, Everything by Lapalux


  12. Villa Noailles, in the southeastern French city Hyeres, was the home of Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles.. Man Ray made a film here and recalled the experience in his memoir- the house was ‘an undistinguished cubist extravaganza of reinforced concrete set atop a high hill, within the ancient walls of a Saracen fortress.’

    *note- the old party photo was taken by Man Ray of the de Noailles’ and friends at a soiree held at the villa

    credit for this post goes to: @pleasemagazine


  13. *a few Viviane Sassen favorites


  14. AK HQ <3


  15. all styles from the Creature and Myth Maker Collections are marked 50% off in our online store now through tomorrow night!!